Saturday, February 26, 2011

2nd Generation immigrants earn less than first.

This is very interesting research data. They say it defies the old adage that "children of immigrants succeed economically in a way that makes them indistinguishable from" nationals.

They're now finding that is not the case as it was several decades ago when European immigrants and their children did as well as those actually born here in North America.

Well, let me suggest that there may well be several reasons for that:
1. Times have changed.  Economies have changed.
2. A country like ours cannot keep on taking immigrants and not see any negative consequence.
3. The cultural sources and geographical areas from which more and more immigrants are coming to our country these days is not the same as it was -- the fact remains that we have indeed opened our gates to cultures that are more differentiated than our own, thus causing an integration or simulation problem once they get here.
4. Given number 3, it is human nature (although morally wrong) for nationals to exhibit more discrimination against those that are not as similar as they are.
5. There may also be a backlash from the fact that immigrants have done as well as they have in the decades past and now nationals are more guarded in how they facilitate or sustain such outcome.

I believe this is one further proof that not only has multi-culturalism failed in Europe and the U.K. in particular, but it also failing on this side of the Atlantic (or Pacific, depending on where you're standing).

But I'm sure you have your own thoughts on this and we'd be glad to have you comment on it. In the meantime, read the attached link and share this blog with others that you believe may benefit from it. Thanks to the Globe and Mail.

Canadian-born visible minorities earn less - The Globe and Mail

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