Thursday, January 27, 2011

Will Not Heeding Bill Clinton's Advice Mean Curtains for Israel? Ask God.

Okay, the Palestine Papers are out there and somebody has to make good use of them.  Why not Bill Clinton on behalf of his buddy, B.O.?  The unofficial and indirect pressure on Israel has begun in public at the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland.

By having Bill do this, rather than the administration, the United States can maintain it's apparent friendship with Israel while pressuring it nicely to satisfy the 'other side'.  

But read Bill's words carefully.  He says the "public" on both sides would support a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.  But the "public" is not who Israel is worried about.  It's the Palestinian and Arab and radical Islamic factions that want to see them eliminated from the face of the earth and the Western allies that haven't promised to defend Israel if they try.   (Why even today when accusations were made that Hizbullah was supplying the trainers for the Palestinians in Gaza, Hamas basically said "no, ain't true; we're doing it all ourselves."  Doing what?  Getting ready to take Israel on.)

So, mister Ex-almost impeached-President, just keep your advice to yourself, thank you.  And try to keep the senile Mr. Jimmy Carter quiet as well, while you're at it.  What really matters (well, a little more) is what the current President thinks and will do.  But then, again, I admit, that B.O. is not sharp on foreign relations, so we can only assume that the less he says, the better.

Anyway, Mr. William Clinton is advising Israel to settle now while they have the friendliest opponents in the current Palestinian negotiating team.   Really?  Now if they don't listen to Bill, will BO start the official pressure?  Who knows.  He's too busy watching claims for unemployment insurance rise again and also watching his popularity or job approval fall from the rise it had after the Tucson event.  Or if they don't listen to Bill, will the U.S. quit helping? (I doubt it; think of how many political aides would become unemployed).  Or maybe, just maybe, if they don't listen to Bill, it will mean curtains for Israel.  Not sure.  The U.S. will have to ask their Boss, but then again God may not recognize the White House telephone number and not bother answering.

In case you really want to see what Bill had to say, take a look at the link below.

Bill Clinton: Israel has never had better peace partner

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