Sunday, January 30, 2011

That The World May Not Know. . . Shame! Shame! Shame!

This article makes us aware of the extent that countries (proud countries may I add) go to in order to present a false image to the world. CBC reports that an Indian city will actually pay beggars to stay off the street during the upcoming World Cup games from Feb. 19 to April 2.

Did they actually think this would not be noticed? And after the games, then what? Let them beg. Wow.

Three hundred beggars getting paid $2.11 per day for over 40 days. What a price for "national good looks through cosmetic reconstruction of who can walk on our streets".

And oh, get this. They're doing it for us -- the tourists and guests that need to walk freely on the streets during this "prestigious event". And who are the tourists? The rich that can afford to go there in the first place. Yes, let's keep the rich from seeing the truth by all means. Give me a break in life, please.

The only thing I can say to India and whoever thought this up, in this day and age is what my father used to say in his broken English when he was disgusted with things leaders (or church people would do or not do): "Shame! Shame! Shame!" It fits.  Wear it well, India.

CBC News - World - Beggars to be 'paid' during Cricket World Cup

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