Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Late Afternoon News -- Jan. 29, 2011, CNN's push, the army, B.O., beware of democracy

After watching CNN all day, I am of the belief that CNN is trying to influence the White House indirectly to break with Mubarak and fully support the protesters.  Nic Robertson and others may as well come clean and just tell B.O. that for all they're doing now.

The Army in Egypt is not stopping the looting, but "urging" protesters not to loot.  Now, that's effective.  BBC reports that army is now appealing to protesters to also respect the curfew.  Is it possible they're getting the word that soon they'll need to take action?

On Saturday (today) B.O. met with his national security team on the subject of Egypt -- proof he's watching it carefully.  They are likely making plans as to what they will be required to do once Mubarak steps down.

We need to be mindful of the fact that while the world may see the events in Egypt as a "pro-democracy" revolution, we need to be very careful to distinguish between different types of democracy.  Let us not fool ourselves, as one BBC commentator wisely pointed out -- these protesters have some very wild ideas including a very high proportion of them wanting some strong penalties for certain crimes -- including the cutting off of fingers and hands and arms.  We may get a democracy but it will be clearly on Islamic terms when it finally arrives.   Nothing short of that will satisfy the Muslim Brotherhood.

BBC reports that army is calling on Egyptian Patriots to help stop the looting and the rioting in an effort to protect their families and the country.  Interesting.

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