Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Musings @ 1:45 p.m. EST -- January 29, 2011, looting, Iran next?, note to Pastors

Looting reported at Cairo's Antiquities Museum.  People are standing guard in front of their own homes.  I thought the people were all together in this.  But maybe not.  Maybe it's the poor taking it out on the rich -- the doctors, the lawyers, etc.

Some analysts have been watching Iran this past week and wondering whether the people who protested about a year and a half ago are watching Egypt and saying "why not us, if Egyptians succeed".   If that's the case, keep an eye on Iran.  I'm sure Ahmadinejad has his ear to the ground -- or at least he has delegated that to one of his boys.  But the potential here is great.

And Pastors, what will you say about Egypt tomorrow?  If you remain silent, you are telling your congregation that what is happening in the rest of the world does not impact or affect us Christians here.  That would be a very bad message.   Please tell us what you plan to say.

Meanwhile, Israel is watching all this with great interest and thinking long-term.  So they should.  I just wish the Western Allies would do likewise.  Did you notice that the United Kingdom leaders are very quiet.  Of course, they probably have more Islamists to fear in their countries than most of us.  The world continues to be paralyzed into silence.

How are you feeling?  Are you afraid?  Do you care?  If the former, that's normal and to be expected.  If the latter, don't complain later.   If the former, you may wish to reconsider where you'll spend tomorrow morning.  Is it time to visit a place of worship near you?  That's not the ultimate answer, but you just may hear about the One Who alone can bring you peace.  What have you got to lose?  Nothing, but if we're right -- you have much to gain now and in the hereafter.

Alternatively, just keep watching CNN and increase your fear factor.  It's still a free world here.
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